Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Orbital Object Panel (WIP) Phase 1 Nearly Completed

I nearly completed the phase 1 of the overhaul of the Orbital Object Panel (formely the Colony and Surface Panels).

I'm working on the display of the resources spots, and will include tomorrow new additional 2d assets to represent metal, rare metal and uranium ores.

There will be also data displayed about them.

Once all done, the phase 1 will be completed and the next blog post will contain a serie of screenshots of the work.

The phase 2 will be about re-implementing the modules of this panel; Population, Settlements (including infrastructures), Industry (formerly Colony Storage and Production Matrix) and Events.
Most of the work will be to display them in their own panels, none will be overhauled out of the Settlements one after this phase 2.

You will see on the screenshots that I will post that the new panel is relatively different from what you knew before the overhaul.

Stay tuned.

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