Alpha 10 - iteration #07: [warning: screenshots post ] - Orbital Object Panel (WIP) Phase 1 DONE

So finally the Phase 1 is done.

So, behold the new Orbital Object Panel!

This first screenshot is what the player will see by default.
On the left, the ecosphere data is what is displayed by default, the button "Colony" allow to switch to the colony data, if a colony is indeed set on the orbital object (OO), like below;

The 5 other buttons on the top will popup the panels of the different sections; Population for the... population one, including the detail on the categories and so on, Settlements for the settlements and infrastructures installed on the OO, Industry is the one that will display the storage and the production matrix of the colony, Events contains the Colony Simulation Model (CSM) events and all their details (the rounded number on the button indicate the number of active CSM events the colony have, I will include a fast list of them in the button's hint) and finally Biosphere will display the details of the OO's biosphere, according to the discovery the future Biological Survey will do. This last one will stay disabled until the planets' biospheres are finally implemented post Alpha 10.

On the center is the well known display of the OO's surface, nothing is really new here.

On the right is grouped the data about the hovered / selected region. The new part is that now the data about the other seasons is also displayed on the bottom of the group. With this, the player will have an idea how livable... or hellish... a region is throughout an orbital year.

And finally, below the OO's surface is were the changes are thje most visible; information about the geological survey is displayed and the discovery status of each type of resource spot is now displayed.
Linked hints to these icons will display more detailed data.

The two spaces below the ecosphere/colony and region groups aren's errors; I will implement here, post Alpha 10, some additional interface elements about the colony and region control.

Of course it is now possible to resize the panel, and anything follows:

It will be possible for the player to save the position of this panel and also to keep the opened state save for any subpanel, like Settlements.

The behavior of the whole is also 100% OK, outside for the colonization mission user's interface that I will fix and update for this phase 2.

Phase 2 that will include the complete rework of the interface for the infrastructures.

That's all. So let's dev this phase 2 now.

NB: Oh yeah! This new panel is fully compatible with a 1024*768 screen now, it wasn't the case with its previous shape.

NB bis: I forgot to show the panel for a gaseous planet;

Obviously only the information about the ecosphere is relevant here.
It isn't the prettiest way to show the difference but it is the easier one... mea culpa :)

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