Note About Side Design for Future Iteration

At my job and during my breaks, I'm working on the design of the custom effects for the policies and memes.
For now these SPM items only provides modifiers for the basic data of the colonies, but of course it is just the edge of the iceberg.
The real interest in them is in the custom effects they provides; with simple ones like special modifiers for research & development, limitations of any sort and so on but also with not so simple ones like affecting any part of the game and gameplay changes to enforce a policy, according to which political system is enforced.

And for now my focus is made toward this last point; the political and economical systems.
The first one will modify the gameplay on how a player but also the future AI will be able to enforce a policy and will also adjust any modifier and collateral effect on the success and failure of an enforcement.
The second one will define how the economy of each colony is treated and what possible actions will be available for the player and the AIs. For ex. a Free Market economy will create a private sector, a bit like in Distant Worlds.

These two things are themselves the biggest parts of the custom effects, so it's why I work on them first.

This way I will be more or less ready when I will arrive to a future iteration to expand the SPM.
It will not be for the next one, the #08 since it is already reserved for completion and expansion of the Colonization Phase System.

About the current iteration, I'm working to complete the phase 1 of the overhaul; since yesterday I'm working on the part that will display the information on the geological surveys and the resources.
There will be another modifications since I will also include some info about the weather of each season for each region. These data are already generated (and the code to generate them is already implemented since a while) since the completion of the Universe Generator but needs to be displayed for the player now.

When this phase one will be done, I will make a special screenshots post and I will work on the subparts of the overhaul; the population, the industry (the previous colony storage and production matrix) and the events.

I will finish this overhaul by working on the interface about the infrastructures, since it's the main topic of this iteration, and will provide some graphic stuff and things to keep informed the player on how to assemble or build infrastructures and what it requires.

That's all for now. It looks like as a redo the wheel but it involve a lot of job so... stay tuned :))

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