Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Alive Status Report and a Small Surprise

Sorry for the lack of news since May 20, but you know Sun, Sex and Things... OK, there are bad jokes and excuses.

I continuing to transfer the elements of interface in their proper panels
I'm working on the Population Panel for now; the basic setup of the Settlements Panel is done.

I also made many update in the design document for the settlements but also policies enforcement, which will varies in gameplay according to the type of political system. This last one will not be implemented for this iteration but is in the work.

Also... to make amends for the lack of posts, this iteration will have a small surprise... on an audio level.
Yes, FARC will not be deaf anymore; I implement a very crude audio system in an experimental fork of the code by using the BASS library and the wrappers for Delphi made by the BASS community.

And tonight FARC started to spit some space music.

So at the time of release there will be some music and perhaps a bit of sound effects for some elements of the interface.

Who said "it's not too soon"? :)

I know it's not much and there are many things more urgent, but the implementation is relatively fast for a crude system.

Stay tuned