Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Interface for Construction Workforce Setup

I'm working on the interface of the setup of the Construction Workforce (CW), required to a colony to be able to assemble and build infrastructures.

I started to dev and designed something about a button and another sub-panel to setup the data, but as usual I tried to overthink it.
So instead, the interface of the CW will be included into the Settlements panel itself, beside the lists of present and available infrastructures. All in the same page.
For the rest of the interface elements of the CW setup, it will be the same thing than what it was previously, I don't try to reinvent the wheel again since I need to push this iteration to full completion.

This Friday will be another day off, I will try to work many hours on FARC and will try to finally make a release this weekend.
But at the contrary of what I usually do, I will not promise anything until it is done :)

Sorry for these multiple delays (I know it's only a hobby open source project but that don't prevent trying to fulfill the word given).

And... stay tuned. Thanks.

Edit: I will complete the CW interface tomorrow night, since it is the same thing but in a different location. I will pass some time to optimize and cleanup this interface and it will be done.
The last step for this iteration is finally to make a full interface to setup the assembling and building of the infrastructures. beside additional hints and informations.
If I could complete THAT last step on Friday night that would be pretty cool, but anyway, wait & see.

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Full Time Dev Day Notice (2 days)

Tomorrow (Friday) and Monday I have two holydays, so another full time dev days :)

That's all for now.

Oopsy Post: the Blog's Gallery is Back Again

I don't know how I did it, but the Gallery page was removed from the navigation menu, it is back now.

Infrastructures Filtering Done

The combo box to filter the items of the list of available infrastructures is now fully working.

I will post the details (and screenshots) of it when the update of the Settlements Panel will be completed.

To reach this stage I must now re-implement the basic display of the Workforce Construction Points, some help for the meaning and a panel to allow the setup of these points.

But not tonight, I must work tomorrow :)

Additional post: Screenshots of some Hints

Since I'm working on the filter system for the list of available infrastructures, I made some "screenshots" of the hints. Nothing stellar but always cool to see. I taken these screens with my phone, so I'm sorry for the quality, I cannot capture the hints with my screenshots app.

Of course these hints can and will be for most of them, expanded with detailed data and informations. Like to put the details of the modifiers that affect a basic data of a colony, like for the Tension in the screenshot.

And cherry on the top of the cake, the hints support some HTML formatting (colors, href, bold, italic, BR, lists and so on) and even the inclusion of pictures.

An explicative text for the filter of the list of available infrastructures:

A short text (for now) for the Tension data:

A short text (for now) for the icons of the resources spots:

The setup of the combobox is now done, I'm working on the filtering of the list itself now.

Stay tuned :]

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Full Time Dev Day Notice

Today I'm off in holyday, so I'm working full time on FARC for 9 to 10 hours, the indie dev feelz.

OK, let's work :)

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Completion of Settlements, Push of the UI Work

The basic management of the settlements is done.

Each time that a conversion/assembling/building (CAB) is completed and the concerned infrastructure is operational, the data of accumulated infrastructure levels (AIL) of the settlement is updated.
According to  the specific rules for each type of settlement, the AIL will influence their evolution in  size.

The next step in the user's interface is to implement an element to filter the available list of infrastructures, which could be seen as irrelevant for now due to the few available infrastructures but will be when the number of building implemented will grow over the time of the development (imagine 40 to 100 of them).

After that I will build a better interface, than what I did before this iteration, for the setting of the Construction Workforce Points required for the CAB system.

Once these done, the Settlement Panel itself will be done and I will post some screenshots.

After that, and at last, I will work on the interface to setup the CAB of the infrastructures themeselves, including the detailed informations about the requirements, the used resources, the development levels (related to the technosciences) and the eventual Infrastructure Kits.

Another screenshots post will be published afterward.

That is for the near term plan, since yesterday I will now pushing Git commits nearly everyday, so be prepared with more activity.

Winter is comming... OK bad and overused joke :)

Stay tuned.

Edit 13:00: I also now, during my lunch pause, changed a data for all the infrastructures already in game, isSurfOnly.
This deprecated data indicated if an infrastructure was only possible to be CABed on the surface of an orbital object. Now it is replaced by a range of settlement types.  It will be pushed into git this afternoon after my job.

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: End of Summer + Final Release Period Update

The final release period will be between September 17 to September 25th, the Summer lazyness is finished.

I finalized in the design of the different settlements, with their respective sizes, infrastructure's levels cap, and their meaning.
Only the Space-Based Settlement type isn't done until space stations and other Dyson spheres aren't in game for now.

Actually I implementing the work on these settlements and will continue to update the interface afterward.

Edit 23:51 ET:  the rules of accumulated infrastructures level into a settlement are done and implemented.
I will continue the update of the settlement's interface tomorrow.