Additional post: Screenshots of some Hints

Since I'm working on the filter system for the list of available infrastructures, I made some "screenshots" of the hints. Nothing stellar but always cool to see. I taken these screens with my phone, so I'm sorry for the quality, I cannot capture the hints with my screenshots app.

Of course these hints can and will be for most of them, expanded with detailed data and informations. Like to put the details of the modifiers that affect a basic data of a colony, like for the Tension in the screenshot.

And cherry on the top of the cake, the hints support some HTML formatting (colors, href, bold, italic, BR, lists and so on) and even the inclusion of pictures.

An explicative text for the filter of the list of available infrastructures:

A short text (for now) for the Tension data:

A short text (for now) for the icons of the resources spots:

The setup of the combobox is now done, I'm working on the filtering of the list itself now.

Stay tuned :]

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