Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Completion of Settlements, Push of the UI Work

The basic management of the settlements is done.

Each time that a conversion/assembling/building (CAB) is completed and the concerned infrastructure is operational, the data of accumulated infrastructure levels (AIL) of the settlement is updated.
According to  the specific rules for each type of settlement, the AIL will influence their evolution in  size.

The next step in the user's interface is to implement an element to filter the available list of infrastructures, which could be seen as irrelevant for now due to the few available infrastructures but will be when the number of building implemented will grow over the time of the development (imagine 40 to 100 of them).

After that I will build a better interface, than what I did before this iteration, for the setting of the Construction Workforce Points required for the CAB system.

Once these done, the Settlement Panel itself will be done and I will post some screenshots.

After that, and at last, I will work on the interface to setup the CAB of the infrastructures themeselves, including the detailed informations about the requirements, the used resources, the development levels (related to the technosciences) and the eventual Infrastructure Kits.

Another screenshots post will be published afterward.

That is for the near term plan, since yesterday I will now pushing Git commits nearly everyday, so be prepared with more activity.

Winter is comming... OK bad and overused joke :)

Stay tuned.

Edit 13:00: I also now, during my lunch pause, changed a data for all the infrastructures already in game, isSurfOnly.
This deprecated data indicated if an infrastructure was only possible to be CABed on the surface of an orbital object. Now it is replaced by a range of settlement types.  It will be pushed into git this afternoon after my job.

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