Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Interface for Construction Workforce Setup

I'm working on the interface of the setup of the Construction Workforce (CW), required to a colony to be able to assemble and build infrastructures.

I started to dev and designed something about a button and another sub-panel to setup the data, but as usual I tried to overthink it.
So instead, the interface of the CW will be included into the Settlements panel itself, beside the lists of present and available infrastructures. All in the same page.
For the rest of the interface elements of the CW setup, it will be the same thing than what it was previously, I don't try to reinvent the wheel again since I need to push this iteration to full completion.

This Friday will be another day off, I will try to work many hours on FARC and will try to finally make a release this weekend.
But at the contrary of what I usually do, I will not promise anything until it is done :)

Sorry for these multiple delays (I know it's only a hobby open source project but that don't prevent trying to fulfill the word given).

And... stay tuned. Thanks.

Edit: I will complete the CW interface tomorrow night, since it is the same thing but in a different location. I will pass some time to optimize and cleanup this interface and it will be done.
The last step for this iteration is finally to make a full interface to setup the assembling and building of the infrastructures. beside additional hints and informations.
If I could complete THAT last step on Friday night that would be pretty cool, but anyway, wait & see.

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