A Notice about Future Sub-Releases Between Main Releases

Just a short notice to inform you that now, after each "official" releases, there will be two patch releases.
These sub-releases will contain stuff that will be or not related to what have been made in the last main release.

The first one, in the chronological order, will be about the addition of some assets (infrastructures and/or products and/or icons and/or pictures and/or sounds and/or music). There will never be any indication on the number of assets produced before the release of the patch; it will be one, or ten or whatever number I will be able to produce in the given time frame.
This sub-release will also include last time bugfixes.

The second one will be about the expansion and correction of the  encyclopedia, also including the expansion and correction of the main text file, with even some basic Spanish entries.
Don't expect full translation in three languages, I don't know much Spanish and have enough work with English and French. As you could see, English isn't even my mothertongue :))

None of these sub-releases will take more than two weeks. Since they are just about assets and texts, it is easy for me to guarantee that duration, even if the amount released is minimal. And they will be only available under archived 7zip form that you will have to uncompress into the main FARC folder if you chose the option to download and install them.
Of course the option to wait for the next release that will include all of this is possible too. Freedom of choices is the best of Freedom :)

Out of that, during my break @ work I updated some blank entries of the encyclopedia, it's certainly not gameplay but an important part notwhithstanding.

Stay tuned.

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