Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Environment Icons + List of Available Available Infrastructures Completed

FARC has now the four environment icons completed and the changes in the list of available infrastructures is done.
The Orbital Object panel display an icon to illustrate the current ecosphere's environment now, instead of a bland text. The meaning of each icon is included into its linked hint.

Tonight I will finally begin the interface that will be used to configure the selected infrastructure, for the ones that are already converted, assembled and built.
It will be nothing fancy; it will contain a copy of the text of the main description and use of the infrastructure, its detailed status and a button to enable/disable it.

At my work today, during my break, I will inject into the design documents many notes and informations, spread on many lose sheets, I have wrote.
After all these years it is a bit of a mess, and represent a good height of paper, so it is time to use them before they rot...

Stay tuned.

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