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Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Conversion-Assembling-Building Interface

I haven't coded anything from Friday to Sunday, but I started to resume the dev during my lunch break.

I working on the Assembling interface, which looks a bit like the one to configure an infrastructure with some additions like; an input field to enter the number of iterations to assemble (= number of kits of infrastructure to use), an information field to give data about the assembling time, and a specific button to order to assemble the kits.

I working a bit in the same time on the elements for building an infrastructure, since the interface between these two modes is unified with some differences for each of them.

Of course my poor English isn't very descriptive for now but as I said in a previous post, I will post a serie of screenshots.

Stay tuned.

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Bugfixes done, Transition Rules modified

As usual there have been delays, because the changes and fixes were heavier than planned...

The bug fixes for the converted infrastructures expanded to the entire Transition ruleset, and required a complete change on how the custom effects for the converted infrastructures are managed.
The implementation of this ruleset was pretty...old and the logic a bit messy, so I re-coded some of its parts.
I also re-wrote completely the design of it in the main document.

For reminder; The transition rules are applied as a buffer delay between an assembling and building (conversions aren't subject to it) and the operational state for any infrastructure having required staff. This delay symbolize the setup time to put the staff members in place and initialize any equipment, which is pretty important e.g. for a factory.

I also updated the rules design-wise by introducing a variable transition time.
Before it was abritrarly set to 2 hours (don't ask me why such value) regardless of the size…

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Break & Lunch Bug Fixing Day

As said yesterday, I can confirm today that the basic user's interface to configure an infrastructure is really done.

But the fact that it is now possible to enable and disable an infrastructure raised a bug (great joy at 1AM) that I will fix today during my job's & lunch breaks; this bug concern the converted infrastructures (CI).

As a reminder, CIs are building of sort that came from landed space units that have been prepaired and connected to an exisiting colony, by their resepective crews.

There is an universal infrastructure template for the converted ones, which is very basic with far less data than any other infrastructures, because most of the data a CI has in game is derivated from the design of its parent's space unit.

So the bug comes when I try to re-enable such type of infrastructure (a Colonization Shelter), no data is re-injected back into the colony. For example, the colonization pods harcoded actually in the game provides generation of energy and housi…

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Completion of Infrastructure Configuration + Last Development Step

This night, the configuration of a selected infrastructure will be completed, I working on it since yesterday night.

After that I will finally work on the interface to assemble and build an infrastructure, and this iteration will be done in regard of its features. Yes done.

Of course I will have two secondary steps to fulfill before that; to fix the bugs of the interface of the colonization mission, and add the crude music system that I already developped in a fork of the source.
I know I repeat a bit what I already said in some previous posts but it is better to continuiing to inform  of each future step.

I don't give a release date yet until the assembling and building interface is implemented, I just hope before the end of November, but I prefer to keep my mouth shut, no more badly managed deadlines :)
That's all, back to work.

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Completion of Media assets Search/Sorting - Resuming of Development

Well as usual I got lost in my wandering through media files, and seven days have passed... oh well.

I completed my spreadsheet that contains the details of all free 3D assets I can use for FARC, for rendering and/or inclusion in-game (especially for spacecrafts).

Even if I haven't dev since these 7 days, I completed the design for configuration, assembling and building of infrastructures, and I will begin in PM right after my day job (I'm working at home today).

Next year, I will consecrate some money for FARC; by buying a third party tool wich will allow me to dev a cloud-based updater/installer, without the assle to do much network dev and above all, wasting additional time.

I will probably buy some 3D assets too, yep buy... Especially for space units (spacecrafts and stations/bases) because I will need many of them.
But for spacecrafts, since they are present in game under their respective 3D files, that can cause license problems for distributions, a source like Turbosqui…

Lunch Break Game Design: Faction Configuration Tool & Autonomous Management Guidelines

During my breaks @ work I worked on the design of two things;

fleshed a bit the design of the factions by trying to solve two problems; how to setup non-player faction's colonies by design and keeping them 100% compliant with the game systems, and how to do the same for non-player space units.started the design of a new module of the CSM (Colony Management System) called the Autonomous Management Guidelines. Since I want the (future) AIs of the game to follow at 100% the game systems (ie no cheating as we can see on many strategy games and no abstraction into the management of the AIs' factions) I need a system to setup the colonies and space units of each non-player faction (NPF) to avoid any manual errors in calculations and any speculation on how to make  them.
So I started to design a Faction Configuration Tool, which will be a tool like the FARC Universe Generator not normally accessible to the player.
This tool, like the FUG,  will allow me to setup a faction through some…

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: In Search of Media Assets

Since November 3 (including tonight) I sorted and evaluated a part of the free assets I retrieved over the years (a bit of pictures and a massive amount of 3d objects) and I found some elements to illustrate the Multipurpose Depot, the Pressurized Tanks array and maybe the Nuclear Fission Reactor and the Houses Pack.
I found not much for the Mining Site.

I will continue tomorrow night to finish the sorting but of course I will not consume anymore more time afterward and the dev will resume also tomorrow night.
Since I instated the sub-releases (cf. this post), I will make the pictures on the next session after the release of this iteration. For now there will be a default placeholder.

Thanks to SolCommand for his incredible 3D assets.

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Game Design Expansion: Region Environmental Modifiers

At my job, during my breaks, I'm working on some expansion of the Region Environmental Modifiers (REM).
For reminder; each region of each orbital object has a set of data called the REM.

This set is divided in 7 categories;
Planetary Survey; Ground, Air, Antigrav and Swarm AntigravConversion / Assembling / Building(CAB)Infrastructure Wearing CoefficientGround Combat Each of these REM affect their respective part of the game depending of a category, for ex; the CAB category affect the assembling and building time of infrastructures.

100% of these REM are precalculated when a planetary system is generated in the Universe Generator integrated in FARC and comes from different part of an orbital object as for ex; the atmosphere composition, the climate of the region, its relief, its type of terrain, the gravity of the object and so on.

The change is about the addition of an additional type of environmental modifier that will affect the categories, and especially the CAB one; the Type &am…

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: 2D/3D Research & Work for Infrastructures + Some Game Design Expansion

Actually I don't commit much dev (even if I made one commit on GitHub tonight), because I'm looking for pictures and 3d objects that I can work on to illustrate the infrastructures currently in the game.
I fired up my 3d software, after many years, for this.

As usual it will not be AAA work, but I look for something at least basic to modify or render...

It is uncertain that all the required assets will be found and worked on at the time of release but at least I try... without taking too much time.
Those not found and implemented at the release will have a "pretty" placeholder :)

These pictures will be displayed in the user's interface for the configuration and CAB setup, of a selected infrastructure.
When I'll finish this phase, I will continue to dev on the interface.

Things take shape slowly but it progress, and don't worry; even if FARC isn't mainstream and doesn't seem easy, I try at least to make the interface relatively usable even if it i…