Alpha 10 - iteration #07: 2D/3D Research & Work for Infrastructures + Some Game Design Expansion

Actually I don't commit much dev (even if I made one commit on GitHub tonight), because I'm looking for pictures and 3d objects that I can work on to illustrate the infrastructures currently in the game.
I fired up my 3d software, after many years, for this.

As usual it will not be AAA work, but I look for something at least basic to modify or render...

It is uncertain that all the required assets will be found and worked on at the time of release but at least I try... without taking too much time.
Those not found and implemented at the release will have a "pretty" placeholder :)

These pictures will be displayed in the user's interface for the configuration and CAB setup, of a selected infrastructure.
When I'll finish this phase, I will continue to dev on the interface.

Things take shape slowly but it progress, and don't worry; even if FARC isn't mainstream and doesn't seem easy, I try at least to make the interface relatively usable even if it isn't at the level of a professional Endless Space UI style.

In the game design department, I expanded a bit one CSM event; the Colony Established one, triggered when a new colony is set on a new world. Now the climate of the region, where the first settlement is set, is taking into account and can affect more or less negatively the modifiers of this event.
The changes aren't implemented yet, but they will be in the future.

Stay tuned.

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