Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Break & Lunch Bug Fixing Day

As said yesterday, I can confirm today that the basic user's interface to configure an infrastructure is really done.

But the fact that it is now possible to enable and disable an infrastructure raised a bug (great joy at 1AM) that I will fix today during my job's & lunch breaks; this bug concern the converted infrastructures (CI).

As a reminder, CIs are building of sort that came from landed space units that have been prepaired and connected to an exisiting colony, by their resepective crews.

There is an universal infrastructure template for the converted ones, which is very basic with far less data than any other infrastructures, because most of the data a CI has in game is derivated from the design of its parent's space unit.

So the bug comes when I try to re-enable such type of infrastructure (a Colonization Shelter), no data is re-injected back into the colony. For example, the colonization pods harcoded actually in the game provides generation of energy and housing for the colonists. When one is disabled, these data are tacken back, as normally it should be, but when it is re-enabled, the data for colony's population capacity, and generation of energy aren't updated.

It comes that I haven't simply taken into account the converted infrastructures in the transition rules; rules that manage the transitory state of an infrastructure, from one status to another one.

So I go to fix this today.

Tonight, as planned, I will work onto the interface to setup the assembling or building of an infrastructure.

I will post a serie of screenshots to explain all the changes once it is done.

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