Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Completion of Media assets Search/Sorting - Resuming of Development

Well as usual I got lost in my wandering through media files, and seven days have passed... oh well.

I completed my spreadsheet that contains the details of all free 3D assets I can use for FARC, for rendering and/or inclusion in-game (especially for spacecrafts).

Even if I haven't dev since these 7 days, I completed the design for configuration, assembling and building of infrastructures, and I will begin in PM right after my day job (I'm working at home today).

Next year, I will consecrate some money for FARC; by buying a third party tool wich will allow me to dev a cloud-based updater/installer, without the assle to do much network dev and above all, wasting additional time.

I will probably buy some 3D assets too, yep buy... Especially for space units (spacecrafts and stations/bases) because I will need many of them.
But for spacecrafts, since they are present in game under their respective 3D files, that can cause license problems for distributions, a source like Turbosquid have certain limitations. And damn I love license (yeah really...not :) )
Of course those already in game are very low poly and non textured ones, and are used only for a symbolic point of view. In the future, I will include full resolution renders of them when I will build a proper interface for the space units. FARC is after all a 90% 2D game.

But I will see...I will use first the free assets.
At least I can guarantee that for 2017 that I will buy the third party dev tool for cloud-based development. It is something I have in mind for a good time now and anyway the cost of it would be the cost of a hobby :)

I'm bored myself by the installer and 7zip packages, I cannot imagine how it is for those of you that download them each time.

So that's all for now.

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