Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Completion of Infrastructure Configuration + Last Development Step

This night, the configuration of a selected infrastructure will be completed, I working on it since yesterday night.

After that I will finally work on the interface to assemble and build an infrastructure, and this iteration will be done in regard of its features. Yes done.

Of course I will have two secondary steps to fulfill before that; to fix the bugs of the interface of the colonization mission, and add the crude music system that I already developped in a fork of the source.
I know I repeat a bit what I already said in some previous posts but it is better to continuiing to inform  of each future step.

I don't give a release date yet until the assembling and building interface is implemented, I just hope before the end of November, but I prefer to keep my mouth shut, no more badly managed deadlines :)
That's all, back to work.

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