Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Game Design Expansion: Region Environmental Modifiers

At my job, during my breaks, I'm working on some expansion of the Region Environmental Modifiers (REM).
For reminder; each region of each orbital object has a set of data called the REM.

This set is divided in 7 categories;
  • Planetary Survey; Ground, Air, Antigrav and Swarm Antigrav
  • Conversion / Assembling / Building(CAB)
  • Infrastructure Wearing Coefficient
  • Ground Combat
Each of these REM affect their respective part of the game depending of a category, for ex; the CAB category affect the assembling and building time of infrastructures.

100% of these REM are precalculated when a planetary system is generated in the Universe Generator integrated in FARC and comes from different part of an orbital object as for ex; the atmosphere composition, the climate of the region, its relief, its type of terrain, the gravity of the object and so on.

The change is about the addition of an additional type of environmental modifier that will affect the categories, and especially the CAB one; the Type & Size of Settlements.

Before that, during the calculation of assembling and building times, the type of settlement wasn't taken into account at all. So in clear the construction times between a surface or an underground settlement, for a specific infrastructure, were the same.
By this way it will not be the case anymore.
The size of settlement is taken into account for the purpose of biggest and more crowded settlements will involve more delays and difficulties for the process of construction, that for a small and sparse settlement.

This new type of environmental modifier will not affect the data already generated for the only (for now) planetary system of the game, it will be calculated when required during a play.

That's it for now, work work and work :)

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