Lunch Break Game Design: Faction Configuration Tool & Autonomous Management Guidelines

During my breaks @ work I worked on the design of two things;

  • fleshed a bit the design of the factions by trying to solve two problems; how to setup non-player faction's colonies by design and keeping them 100% compliant with the game systems, and how to do the same for non-player space units.
  • started the design of a new module of the CSM (Colony Management System) called the Autonomous Management Guidelines.
Since I want the (future) AIs of the game to follow at 100% the game systems (ie no cheating as we can see on many strategy games and no abstraction into the management of the AIs' factions) I need a system to setup the colonies and space units of each non-player faction (NPF) to avoid any manual errors in calculations and any speculation on how to make  them.
So I started to design a Faction Configuration Tool, which will be a tool like the FARC Universe Generator not normally accessible to the player.
This tool, like the FUG,  will allow me to setup a faction through some inputs of my part and many calculations from the part of the tool to, in the end, generate 100% compliant data and output them under the form XML code to be populated into the faction database file.
So finally, the factions will be physically (so to speak) present in game.
Of course this presence will stay relatively static until I develop the AI to animate it, but the factions will be flesh and bones.
The game systems like the production, will affect these colonies already anyway. Some other parts of the game that also doesn't requires any input from the player and the AIs will do their things too.
Post 0.6 I wanted to work on the design of the space units, but I will work on this and the factions instead.

In a game like Civilization, the player can automate their cities, ie focus on production or food etc...
The new CSM module I worked for will do the same sort of thing; it will use Automated Management Guidelines with a range of priorities (it will not be a on/off setup) to automate part of the manageent of a colony.
Ex of guidelines are: solving of CSM events/problems, Reserves, Population Growth and Emigration.
The range of priorities are: Nil, Limited, Minor, Mild, Average, Strong, Important, Unlimited.

I don't know when it will be implementd, I need first to design the rules of each guidelines.

That it for this lunch break.

I confirm that tonight I will put aside the management of the archived assets and I will push the development of the configuration of a selected infrastructure.

 Stay tuned.

PS: I know that I use too much of acronyms, but... :) 

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