Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Release Date / Time Confirmed

I confirm that this iteration of FARC will be released tomorrow at 1200-1900hrs EST time.

I took some time to complete the Building mode, bugfixing Assembling and Building, and linking what needed to be linked, but this part is also done.

So now time for mission bugfix and implementation of music code.


Alpha 10 - iteration #07: All Implementations Done - Bugfixes Phase

I finally finished to implement what I had to put in this iteration during my lunch break at work.
I just need to finalize tonight the additional interface for the Building mode and complete the linking to the building process.

After that I will work to debug the interface of the colonization mission, and I will transfer the code of the crude music system I developed in a fork of the source code.

And that will be totally all for it.

On time, this time :)

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Update and Pre-Release Post

Just a small post to inform you that the project stay alive, even in this end of year period he he.

I working to complete the iteration 7 and release it on December 31 or January 1st, and in regard of the status of development of it, I can safely say these dates without failing again to deliver on time.

So the release will serve also as a kinda geeky best wishes too for 2017 :)

Stay tuned.

Alpha 10 - iteration #07:Requirements Nearly Done + Assembling and Building WIP

The display of requirements, if an infrastructure cannot be built or assembled, is finally nearly completed.

The assembling interface is done, only the feedback for assembling duration isn't made yet but this part is a core code shared between the two modes of construction.

The display of requirements for the Building mode is done too, since it is also a shared core code.

I trying much as I can to finalize the whole before January 1st; I need to implement the feedback of the informations to the player and finalize the code linking to the assembling and building processes.

The entire work for this iteration will be done, outside of the debugging of the colonization mission and some small and secondary pre-release additions.

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Some Delay + Requirements

I got some delay for the assembling interface because I working on the display of the requirements.
In clear if the player select an infrastructure, in the available list, and this one cannot be assembled or build due to its requirements, a text will be displayed explaining which requirements aren't fulfilled.

Nothing thrilling but since FARC isn't simple, even at this stage, the more information I can provide to the player, the better it will be.

It's a bit like what I did for the enforcement of policies, and their requirements.

This code for this is unified and will work for the two modes (assembling / building).

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Assembling Interface Completed

Sorry for the lack of news, I developped nothing since November 29th (one week wasted).

The interface for the setup of an assembling is completed in its main process.
It is working but need some additional work to display information about it, for the player, and to refine the behavior of the interface.

The interface to setup a building of an infrastructure has advanced a bit too, since some parts are re-used for this mode.

I will fully complete the assembling interface tomorrow and will work for the building of infrastructures next, as the final step.