Alpha 10 [0.6.15] It. #08: Near Term Plan: Code Audit + Design Cleanup/Update

Just a small post to talk about the near term plan for the dev of this iteration.

The dev part is to audit the entire code of the Colonization Phase System (CPS), including refactoring.

In same time I put what's left of the paper notes about the CPS into the game design document, these are about some additional objectives, the end of the colonization phase and some additional rules concerning the CPS.

There will also be some sort of rewards, in accordance of which objective is completed and also the score reached at the end of the phase.
These rewards will be differents regarding of which status is concerned like; vehicles for the Economical status, new colonists for the Social status and military units and/or equipment for the Space & Military status.
They will not be overpowered, but will  help a bit the young colony.

A bit later in the development of this iteration I will also create a new tab, in the unified interface, for the Colonization Support/Services.
From here, and for all the duration of the phase, the player will be able to pay services for the colony, in direct link with its faction of allegiance.
These services will also have a preparation time and a lifetime, and they will also affect the colonization scores negatively.
So using them will cost money, taken from the line of credit allowed by the faction of allegiance, and will take time, a precious thing since the colonization phase is limited. And more the colony will ask help and support from its mother faction, the more the scores will be affected badly.
It will be a question of equilibrium for the player, and a sort of challenge, because for reminder; a Colonization Viability Score too low will trigger the fact that the colony, even without taking into account dependence, will not be viable at all, and that will be a game over and a failure for the player.

So that is all for now.

Back to (my real) work :)

NB: corrected some typos and grammar errors, sorry

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