Alpha 10 - It. #08: Colonization Objectives - Design Updates

I updated the design of the objectives, and found new ones too. I can't tell yet how much there will be in the game, because I need to port my notes in the main document, cleanup the data and finalize the design of them (especially on how to set them and their calculations). I can only tell that there will be somehow above 20 of them and less than 30.

Of course not all objectives will be imposed to the player in a same game, it will depend on his/her choice of faction of allegiance. Nothing new with what has already been implemented for this part.

The new addition for them is in the fact that their respective scores thresolds will be set dynamically, instead of a fixed requirement like "you must produce -x- tons of -i- product before the end of the phase", with x and i as fixed values.
These requirement will have range of effects depending of the Socio-Political Matrix of the faction of allegiance and the expedition backstory (previously the colonization mode) chosen by the player.

Thus choosing a faction of allegiance and a backstory will be even more a question of balance between pros and cons according to what the player want to play.
The second outcome is that the requirements from the objectives will vary from game to game.

The updates of the encyclopedia, as explained in a previous post, continues their courses; I try not only to complete the texts but also fully link them, when appliable. So the player will be more able to jump from topic to other topics inside a same text.

That's all for now.

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