Alpha 10 - iteration#07: Details on the Changes (incl A LOT OF Screenshots)

So here is the post about the changes.
Most of the iteration #07 was about the overhaul of the ex-Colony Data Panel (superb name...).

Now it is how it looks:
Internally it looks about the same, but the information is a bit more concentrated.
There are also now 6 buttons that open panels for their respective parts they have to display, excepted "Colony" which switch the environment section to a Colony section as you can see below:
It's not perfect yet (I will fix the display of the Level for the next release) and I need to colorize the icons but you get the feeling.
As for the rest of the panels, many icons have their own hint to display their meaning and additional informations, it is pretty basic for now but it will expand over the time.

Geological Surveys and Resource Spots are also display in full row for better readability. The screenshot below shows an example of it in a region where a survey is in progress:
Again it is not perfect, but better than before, and this release is certainly the more "graphic" of all the release I made.

Here is the panel for the Population, it needs work yet and will have some change for the release of January 15th, but out of the Construction Workforce, that I moved into the Settlements panel, it is the same infos as before:
It seems to have too much of empty space wasted in it, but keep in mind that the population will be expanded in the future by being multiracial and multi-ethnics between Humans (with Baseline, Genemod and Poshumans ethnic groups), Clones and Artificial Intelligences (with Non-Sapient AIs, Sapient AIs and AIchitects ethnic groups).

Here is the panel for the selected Settlement, the part with most of the changes occured in this release:
The panel is divided by 3 sections, from the left to the right; the list of Present Infrastructures in the settlement, the Configuration/Conversion-Assembling-Building and Construction Workforce section, and finally the list of Available Infrastructures.

The top of the panel contains from left to right; the type of settlement, its size (in the circular jauge), its name, the information about the capacity of the settlement in regard of its actual size. The drop-down interface element is used to apply a filter to the list of Available Infrastructures.

The list of Present Infrastructure is the same than before the changes; it display the infrastructures converted/assembled/built in a particular settlement.
When one is clicked, its configuration and some informations are displayed on the central section, for example one of the Colonization Shelter has been selected:
As you can see it shows some information like its status, its level, some description text from the encyclopedia and a button to disable it, if wanted.
the big "X" is a default placeholder for an illustration of the selected infrastructure. Future works will replace these.

The lower part of the central section contain anything need to configure the Construction Workforce and works like before.
Finally the right section of the panel display the list of Available Infrastructure that can be assembled and built in the selected settlement.
This list hast many thing, but first, the drop down on top of it allow 3 kind of filtering:

"None" display the full list, regardless of requirements and without warning the player. It can be useful to see what's in the game without too much interference:
"Colored Statuses" display also the full list but it highlight incompatibilities in the requirements to be allowed to be assembled and built. The incompatibilities are displayed in red with a warning icon:
There aren't much more details, the player will have to click on each entry to see the problems.
In the future I could make warning icons specific to the type of incompatibility.

Finally the "Hide Unavailable" (damn, I just discovered a typo in the game) simply hide the infrastructures the player cannot assemble and build and so it avoid to clutter the list, that will grow over the time:

The little suitcase icons with numbers inside of it are used for kits of infrastructure and the number represent the level of infrastructure a kit can assemble.

The "x n" represent the number of kits available in the colony's storage and so the number of kits that can be assembled at the maximum.

The rounded green / orange / black icons represent the environments in which an infrastructure can be assembled/built. In the same order; Free Living, Restricted and Space environments.

So when a compatible infrastructure is clicked, the central section display the configuration to assemble or build this same infrastructure.
So here is an example:

Here is an example for a kit of infrastructure that must be assembled:

And here is an example of an incompatible infrastructure displaying a text to inform the player why such infrastructure cannot be assembled/built:

Next, the Industry panel, which is about the same as before:

And finally the Colony Simulation Model (CSM) Events panel:

The display of the modifiers, especially for the colors, has been corrected versus the previous iteration.
FYI, the button of the CSM Event display the number of events triggered for the colony:

The final part, the Biosphere, is disabled because biospheres (flora and fauna) aren't implemented in the game yet.

Well, that's all. The complete process to assemble and build an infrastructure is 100% working.
Of course the interface need work; it stay a bit clunky and doesn't show all the informations yet, particularly for the details of building materials for built infrastructures.

End of screen pimping, back to work :)

Thanks again for your interest.

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