Notice About Online Update and Deadline for the Design of Objectives

I want to inform you that I haven't abandonned the idea to provide to the players the possibility to update the game directly online via FTP.
It is just that I wait for March, or April, to have the money to subscribe to a FTP storage service and also to buy the third party tool that will allow me, relatively easy, to implement an online updater in FARC.

I already chosed which provider I will take, it will be ExaVault since it is the best feature/price I found.
FTP services in my country (Canada) cannot compete with the US ones in the bang for the buck section :)
Especially for the download limits.

So that's it, it is on the way slowly but surely as usual.

I provide you also a deadline for the completion of the design of the colonization objectives; before the end of this month.
So I will resume the development from there by finishing the code audit of the CPS and by implementing the new objectives, and modifying the ones already in the game.

Stay tuned.

Alpha 10 - It. #08 - Design: Colonization Objectives, Reserves and Races

The design of the calculations, as explained in the previous post, continue its course.

This "forced" me to update the design of the reserves, in oxygen food and water, of a colony. Especially by clarifying the rules for the oxygen (and how it is used).

I also updated the part of the multiracial population in regard of reserves, that will be implemented for the future 0.6.20a11 as announced in this post. For example the Artificial Intelligences will not use any, but they will use additional energy.

That's all for now, sorry if it takes a bit of time but it is a certain work to complete the whole.

Stay tuned.

Alpha 10 - It. #08: Colonization Objectives - Design Phase Two

I have now a fair amount of objectives; 7 for the Economic status, 9 for the Social status and 6 for the Space & Military status.

I must now complete the rules and calculations for each of them and link the SPM memes and policies to them, when appliable.
It is the phase two of the design; I already updated the spreadsheets of the SPM to keep track of the linking and future implementations.

Stay tuned.

FYI: SPM = Socio-Political Matrix

Updated Dev Plan - Post Alpha 10 from 0.6 to 1.0

Since the iterations of the alpha 10 comes nearly to an end I decided to update the entire to-do-list and dev plan.

fun fact: there are 13 alphas needed before FARC is considered feature complete...
Yes I know... at the speed I working on it, it will be done in 7 years at best... which isn't entirely true because certain versions will not take 6 to 8 month to develop, but anyway it will be a long time...

It is partly why FARC is in two parts; first because of my design decisions but also because I wanted to provide something somehow playable even if the game isn't a full featured yet.
I like to make this game, but I stay realistic on its outcome; it's just another one-man open-source project.

You will find belows a bit of the near future plan, until the 1.0.0 (the entire alpha strech toward 1.6) with some of my comments:

0.6.16a10 it#08: assets and enyclopedia updates, and bugfixes of the iteration #08

0.6.17a10 it#09: expansion of the research and development system with the implementation of entirety of the technology trees, with all the technosciences and theories.

0.6.18a10 it#09: assets and enyclopedia updates, and bugfixes of the iteration #09

0.6.19a10 it#10: final iteration of the alpha 10; implementation of all the factions of allegiance, bug fixes, implementation of new planetary systems, and interface updates.

0.6.20a11: expansion of the population of the colonies; multiracial populations (humans, clones and AIs) including updates of the CSM, SPM, PGS according to these changes.

0.6.21a11:  assets and enyclopedia updates, and bugfixes of the alpha 11.

0.7.0a12:  full implementation of the design for the space units including; the SPace Unit Designer (SPUD), the equipment modules, and all the calculations. The hardcoded space units currently in the game will be removed and properly designed too.
This part seems big, but I nearly made it in a previous failed generation of FARC. So many parts of the code will be ported and fully corrected.

0.7.1a12:  assets and enyclopedia updates, and bugfixes of the alpha 12.

0.8.0a13: weather system + orbital changes; the orbital objects will finally move on their respective orbits, modifying the seasons and affecting the interplanetary transit missions.

0.8.1a13:  assets and enyclopedia updates, and bugfixes of the alpha 13.

0.9.0a14: biospheres; the fauna and flora of an orbital object, if this one supports it, will be implemented. With all the consequences  that can ensue from it.

0.9.1a14:  assets and enyclopedia updates, and bugfixes of the alpha 14.

1.0.0a15: faction's decision engine (FADE); basically the AI engine that will drive the non-player's factions of the game :)

That's all, thanks for your interest!

Alpha 10 - It. #08: Colonization Objectives - Dynamic Settings

The work of design on the objectives of the Colonization Phase System (CPS) continues.

There will not be as much of them as I said in the previous post, because I changing de mechanics on how they will be set when a new game is created.

From now, CPS objectives are fixed by design and stored in the XML data structure of each faction.
The updated and final system will set them dynamically, that means:
  • Their number will varies for each game
  • The type of objectives that will be chosen will be picked semi-randomely according to the faction of allegiance and it Socio-Political Matrix (SPM)
  • The same framework of an objective can be used for multiple data, like for example "Keep Colony's #Data at the  Level of the Allegiance Faction". #Data can be Cohesion, Health, Tension and so on
  • The calculations of the values used as objectives (like X units of a product to produce by month)  can be affected by the possible backstories of the colonists of the player's faction, and by the SPM of the faction of allegiance.
  • The calculation of the objectives' scores themselves can be affected by the possible backstories of the colonists and the SPM of the player's faction.
The main goal is to provide variations from one play to another, even if the player select the same faction of allegiance and the same backstory.

 I let down the development a bit, until the objectives are entirely completed by design. I will resume the audit of the code once it is done.
The rationale is because the system itself already exists and most of the work to do on the CPS is to implement all the new objectives, update those already existing, implement the code to set them up at the start of a new game (and removing the legacy code and XML data) and finally working on the end of the colonization phase to complete it.

That's all for now.