Alpha 10 - It. #08: Colonization Objectives - Dynamic Settings

The work of design on the objectives of the Colonization Phase System (CPS) continues.

There will not be as much of them as I said in the previous post, because I changing de mechanics on how they will be set when a new game is created.

From now, CPS objectives are fixed by design and stored in the XML data structure of each faction.
The updated and final system will set them dynamically, that means:
  • Their number will varies for each game
  • The type of objectives that will be chosen will be picked semi-randomely according to the faction of allegiance and it Socio-Political Matrix (SPM)
  • The same framework of an objective can be used for multiple data, like for example "Keep Colony's #Data at the  Level of the Allegiance Faction". #Data can be Cohesion, Health, Tension and so on
  • The calculations of the values used as objectives (like X units of a product to produce by month)  can be affected by the possible backstories of the colonists of the player's faction, and by the SPM of the faction of allegiance.
  • The calculation of the objectives' scores themselves can be affected by the possible backstories of the colonists and the SPM of the player's faction.
The main goal is to provide variations from one play to another, even if the player select the same faction of allegiance and the same backstory.

 I let down the development a bit, until the objectives are entirely completed by design. I will resume the audit of the code once it is done.
The rationale is because the system itself already exists and most of the work to do on the CPS is to implement all the new objectives, update those already existing, implement the code to set them up at the start of a new game (and removing the legacy code and XML data) and finally working on the end of the colonization phase to complete it.

That's all for now.

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