Alpha 10 - It. #08: FARC Updater is Working (but WIP yet)

I passed all the evening and part of the night to build a very basic updater and backtest it with the hosted files, through some scenarios, and it was fully working at the end of the session.

It needs some additional work to be fully presentable, like to have information on the new build, saved game files comptability, the display of the last changes and the progress of downloading / updating, but it is on the right path.
The third-party tool helps a lot since I'm not too much into networking

Today I will work only on the CPS objectives by continuing to process all the possible linking and incomptabilities with the SPM memes and policies, and the backstories.

That's all for now.

CPS: Colonization Phase System     SPM: Socio-Political Matrix

Online Update + Alpha 10 - It. #08: Linking of CPS Objectives with SPM and Backstories

I finally registered to a host service, DreamHost, because the dropbox solution wasn't working.
Now, the future files for online updating have finally a home and I also registered, which will be pretty simple to find.
I also started to develop the updater, it will not be a big thing but will contains certain info like which build is online, what are the current and previous changes and if the saved game files, of the version of FARC currently installed, will be compatible or not.
This last point will induce an update in the code to save/load saved game and include version numbers.

For now I will continue to use this blog, but all the files, ie the online and offline ones, will be hosted on the private host. I will update the download links of this blog once the domain is fully registered and the setup of this online service is full done.
It is certainly a commitment but it is time that FARC has its own home.

On the development side I nearly completed the rules and calculation of the CPS objectives and I started yesterday to link the SPM memes and policies to them, when something is correlated.
That's mean that the selection and the setup of objectives, even if a bit random, will keep a certain coherence between the faction of allegiance, its SPM setup and the backstories.

Talking of backstories I made a good amount of overhaul, for all the playable factions, to include the expeditions and their possible backstories by design. Of course for now, since only Magellan Unity is implemented, the development itself will concern only this faction but the design is global.

So many things progress in the same time and it is pretty fun.

A last thing, all these changes, even if I remove myself from GiHub, will not change the status of FAR Colony.
So it will stay free as air until I die and beyond, and since I started the code under GPL 3, FARC will stay released under this same license and so will stay open to modifications and such.
The assets stay under their own and proper licensing and credits, in accordance to the choices of their creators and contributors.

Thanks for the reading and... stay tuned :)


CPS: Colonization Phase System
SPM: Socio-Political Matrix

Alpha 10 - It. #08: Short Notice; Web Updater Bought

As the title say, I have bought it on March 17 as planned in the previous post.
I will keep you updated on this secondary tool  for FARC when it will be built.

That's it for now, thanks.

Alpha 10 - It. #08: Expeditions + Backstories Design and Web Updater On the Way

On the design side I'm working on the expeditions and backstories.

Expeditions are the old colonization modes, and backstories are background stories in which the player will pick one and will serve as a sort of starter story, for the future faction and colony of the player, but also will affect the gameplay for the Colonization Phase. They will be implemented, at least for the only one faction in the game for now, in this iteration since they are important parts of the game system.

Also I'm going to buy today, after my job, @TMS the third-party tool to make a file/web updater. I wanted to wait until April but my budget is pretty green so why waiting one month?
The web updater will be an independent executable from the one for FARC and the player will be able to launch it via a standard shortcut or directly through a FARC's menu item.
I don't know if I will release it before the release of this iteration of the game, but in any case it will be part of the iteration's package. And since it will be an external application, I will also deliver it in its own package for those who don't want to download and install the new iteration by themselves.
As said in a previous post, I will use dropbox to store and distribute the updated files and the updater will take the required files from it.
Maybe I will drop completely Github, since my last misadventure with the open source community, I will see it by the time to release the stuff.

Don't worry FARC will stay free as air whatever happen.

Anyway for now I have real work and dev work to do, so stay tuned. :)

Alpha 10 - It. #08: Resuming of Development; End of Audit, Objectives Implementation

As usual I shouldn't talk about duration of development, but I will finally resume the development of FARC tonight.

Not all the objectives will be implemented since certain of them requires more advanced development in certain part of the game, but in total 10 objectives will be present in the game; 5 for the Economic status, 4 for the Social status and 1 for the Military level.

The rest requires some data and assets not yet implemented like additional infrastructures, the rules for the control system of the regions, more data for the SPM memes and policies (especially the requirements), the full implementation of space units, and the game events.

In total, 12 aren't implemented, but they will once the required parts become present in the game.

So in a first part I will complete the audit of the CPS, and in a second part I will fully implement these ten objectives.

Also for the online updater; I will use finally Dropbox, the host provider I wanted for a FTP doesn't support multiple distribution of files. So since apparently I can interface the third-party tool via HTTP, I can use the public folder of a Dropbox to distribute online updates for FARC. Of course I will need to make the updater first and test this "theory". I'm not a pro at all for networking stuff, but this thing seems straightforward.
As said previously I plan to buy the tool in March or April, developping the updater itself will not take a lot of time, thanks to the tool.

Oh, and finally, talking about third party tools; FARC has been ejected from a certain open source gamedev community, because I use a non-free third party tool to develop it (among other addons) and I don't provide compilation procedures. It is an outcast since January, but I just seen it some days ago, because of warning has been sent.
Since the years I was in this community, some "activists" juste woke up and said that my project is "misguiding" people.
Needless to say that I ejected myself from this community.

This kind of first world drama isn't much my thing; I only develop FARC of passion for space and game design as a hobby, and my only concern is to share it, including its source code, with anyone around this world that can be interested and have some fun with it.
I don't do politics ala GNU Software Foundation and the like, even if I respect people that make awesome assets on their free time and provides them under open licenses. I always crediting them correctly when due.
Finally my free time, as for anyone, has value and if I can use any tool, even a commercial one, to speed up the process and make it easier, I do it.

These people don't like it, it's OK, that doesn't change anything for me; FARC stay free and open source.

OK, enough of ranting and sorry for that part but it needed to be said.
Thanks for the reading and stay tuned.

NB: CPS = Colonization Phase System     SPM = Socio-Political Matrix (system for the memes and policies)