Alpha 10 - It. #08: Expeditions + Backstories Design and Web Updater On the Way

On the design side I'm working on the expeditions and backstories.

Expeditions are the old colonization modes, and backstories are background stories in which the player will pick one and will serve as a sort of starter story, for the future faction and colony of the player, but also will affect the gameplay for the Colonization Phase. They will be implemented, at least for the only one faction in the game for now, in this iteration since they are important parts of the game system.

Also I'm going to buy today, after my job, @TMS the third-party tool to make a file/web updater. I wanted to wait until April but my budget is pretty green so why waiting one month?
The web updater will be an independent executable from the one for FARC and the player will be able to launch it via a standard shortcut or directly through a FARC's menu item.
I don't know if I will release it before the release of this iteration of the game, but in any case it will be part of the iteration's package. And since it will be an external application, I will also deliver it in its own package for those who don't want to download and install the new iteration by themselves.
As said in a previous post, I will use dropbox to store and distribute the updated files and the updater will take the required files from it.
Maybe I will drop completely Github, since my last misadventure with the open source community, I will see it by the time to release the stuff.

Don't worry FARC will stay free as air whatever happen.

Anyway for now I have real work and dev work to do, so stay tuned. :)

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