Alpha 10 - It. #08: Resuming of Development; End of Audit, Objectives Implementation

As usual I shouldn't talk about duration of development, but I will finally resume the development of FARC tonight.

Not all the objectives will be implemented since certain of them requires more advanced development in certain part of the game, but in total 10 objectives will be present in the game; 5 for the Economic status, 4 for the Social status and 1 for the Military level.

The rest requires some data and assets not yet implemented like additional infrastructures, the rules for the control system of the regions, more data for the SPM memes and policies (especially the requirements), the full implementation of space units, and the game events.

In total, 12 aren't implemented, but they will once the required parts become present in the game.

So in a first part I will complete the audit of the CPS, and in a second part I will fully implement these ten objectives.

Also for the online updater; I will use finally Dropbox, the host provider I wanted for a FTP doesn't support multiple distribution of files. So since apparently I can interface the third-party tool via HTTP, I can use the public folder of a Dropbox to distribute online updates for FARC. Of course I will need to make the updater first and test this "theory". I'm not a pro at all for networking stuff, but this thing seems straightforward.
As said previously I plan to buy the tool in March or April, developping the updater itself will not take a lot of time, thanks to the tool.

Oh, and finally, talking about third party tools; FARC has been ejected from a certain open source gamedev community, because I use a non-free third party tool to develop it (among other addons) and I don't provide compilation procedures. It is an outcast since January, but I just seen it some days ago, because of warning has been sent.
Since the years I was in this community, some "activists" juste woke up and said that my project is "misguiding" people.
Needless to say that I ejected myself from this community.

This kind of first world drama isn't much my thing; I only develop FARC of passion for space and game design as a hobby, and my only concern is to share it, including its source code, with anyone around this world that can be interested and have some fun with it.
I don't do politics ala GNU Software Foundation and the like, even if I respect people that make awesome assets on their free time and provides them under open licenses. I always crediting them correctly when due.
Finally my free time, as for anyone, has value and if I can use any tool, even a commercial one, to speed up the process and make it easier, I do it.

These people don't like it, it's OK, that doesn't change anything for me; FARC stay free and open source.

OK, enough of ranting and sorry for that part but it needed to be said.
Thanks for the reading and stay tuned.

NB: CPS = Colonization Phase System     SPM = Socio-Political Matrix (system for the memes and policies)

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