Alpha 10 - It. #08: Three Backstories Confirmed for the Magellan Unity

On the design side I continue to working on the expeditions' backstories, and I finally found three for the Magellan Unity faction. Two of them implementable right away, the third one requires the update on the population to integrate the multiracial and multi-ethnics inhabitants (with the Artificial Intelligences and Clones races), and is planned for the alpha 11 once the iteration 10 of the alpha 10 will be done.

Here is the complete list of expeditions and backstories for the 8 power blocs:

  • North American Coalition (NORAC)
    • Expedition - Private Venture
      • Backstory - Group of Families
      • Backstory - Private Pioneers
      • Backstory - Core of Rogue Artificial Intelligences
      • Backstory - Excentric Wealthy Individual
      • Backstory - Commercially Sponsored Colonists
    • Expedition - State Funded Colony 
      • Backstory - Scientific Outpost
      • Backstory - Military Outpost
      • Backstory - Helium-3 Conglomerate
      • Backstory - Space Energetic Complex
  • Earthling Space United Nations (ESUN)
    • Expedition - Open Colony
      • Backstory -  Children of Gaya
      • Backstory - Eve Haven
      • Backstory - Freedom Dissidents / Refugee Group
    • Expedition - INSIC Colony (INSIC = Inner Sphere Industrial Consortium)
      • Backstory - Craddle Endowement Project (CREP)
      • Backstory - Mother Earth... (MOVERA, title in WIP)
  • People's Republic of China (PRC)
    • Expedition - Industrial Complex
      • no backstory designed yet
    • Expedition - Pioneer Settlement
      • no backstory designed yet
  • Russia Federation (RUFE)
    • Expedition - Consortium Colony
      • no backtory designed yet
  • European Union (EU)
    • Expedition - Scientific Base
      • no backstory designed yet
    • Expedition - Private / Civilian Base
      • no backstory designed yet
  • Berngham's Community (BC)
    • Expedition - New World Community
      • no backstory designed yet
  • Neo-Believers Federation (NEBEF)
    • Expedition - Pilgrim Community / Holy Settlement
      • no backstory designed yet
  • Magellan Unity (MUN)
    • Expedition - Autonomous Remote Colony
      • Backstory - Quantum Spark of the Void
      • Backstory - The Knowledge Hoppers
      • Backstory - Seeds of the Unity

Please note, that outside of those of the MUN that will be implemented in this present iteration, none is finalized by design yet, and as you can see a good number of expeditions haven't ideas of backstories yet too.
But it can give you an idea of the whole. Many of them, out of those that requires expansion of the game as the multiracial population, will be implemented during the build of the interation 10 of this current alpha. 

That's all, stay tuned.

Updates of the Knowledge Base

  • Introduction: addition of this child topic to inform about the last changes.
  • Introduction / About FARC: the correct font is used for the text. It wasn't like the rest due to a bad copy/paste.
  • Introduction / Glossary: new entries; Extrasolar System, Star System, Stellar System, Transworld Corporation.
  • Introduction / FAQ: the correct font is used for the text. It wasn't like the rest due to a bad copy/paste. Some formatting has also been applied.
  • The Background: populated section with some explanations and links to each respective subsection.
  • The Background / The Context of the Game: populated section.
  • The Background / General History: populated section.
  • The Background / Power Blocs: populated section with some explanations and links to each respective subsection.
  • The Background / Power Blocs / Magellan Unity (MUN): addition of the child topic History and its text.
Stay tuned.

Alpha 10 - It. #08: Colonization Phase System - Entire Reverse Engineering Done, Start of Overhaul

Sorry for the lack of news, as usual on spring and summer I tend to work "a bit less".
But my main development vector was to reverse engineering the entire CPS to finally overhaul it with the new structures and management of the CPS objectives.
During this reverse work I found useless code, some repetitions and ... errors. Yes! Surprising isn't it?

So now I'm starting to implement the new iteration of this particular system which will be a bit less of a mess of code. Not that this system was stellar by itself, especially since the few objectives already in the game were basic and hardcoded, but its implementation was convoluted or at least not clear.
I had to draw,  UML-like, the entire structure of the system and the linked calls between the routines.

Well, now it is done so it is time to develop the final version (out of any future expansion) of this system.

I will make a post when the entire overhaul will be done, including the generation of the objectives, the data structures, and the relations with the expeditions and backstories.
It will take some time so don't worry if you don't see any news before some weeks.

Thanks, have a great spring and summer and, stay tuned :)

CPS: Colonization Phase System  

OK I keep this Blog :)

Tonight I updated the main site, and especially the Knowledge Base.
There isn't a lot yet in this base but it expanding.
I simply take the texts from the main game design document, paste it in this doc and try to correct and format it the best I can. English as usual isn't my main language, and even if I progressed a bit, it is far to be perfect. But I try to keep it clean.

I decided to keep this blogspot for the main news, so don't panic you will not have to change anything in June.
But the main parts of the site (the downloads and the knowledge base, will link toward the main site.

I already changed the link and text of the previous "About / FAQ & Contact" of the main menu of this blog. It now redirects to the
I also added a Contact menu item and it will redirect to the contact page of the main site.
The downloads are already stored on the main site, which is a necessary step for the online updater.

If you don't like this way, and are a certain number to not like it. I could switch completely to the main site anytime. But for now it stays like that.
I now that even for an obscure project like mine, people like their usual ways... and I don't want to lose some additional readers too, so I mixed the two sites.

That's all, stay tuned.

Alpha 10 - It. #08: Dev of Expeditions and Backstories.

I started a new build to implement the expeditions and their backstories.
Since it is a core element to the new way to generate CPS objectives, I must code it before I even finish the one of the objectives.

I don't think I will release this iteration before June 2017, but I prefer to pack it with all the planned stuff than make again a semi-finished part.

Keep Alive Post - May Edition

Here a post to inform you that the dev of FARC continues its route. I haven't posted anything since April 27 because the development is again about the same thing, the CPS objectives and their generation.

Also this year the seasonal allergies strike me pretty good so to speak, and it disturb me enough to dev the game sometime. OK, it sounds like a good excuse but yep :)

Anyway I'm here and FARC too, and the next post will have a bit more content than this one.

Sorry for the lack of news and thanks for your interest!