Alpha 10 - It. #08:Side Experiment - Better and Final Encyclopedia

As a side experiment I tested a quick and dirty implementation of the web pages of the knowledge base directly in the game, and it worked pretty well.
So for the release of this iteration, the current encyclopedia interface will be replaced by the entire interface of the Knowledge Base website (you can take a look at it here), since its presentation, linking and web interface will always be better than what I will never do in the game, including research in the base, keywords and so on.
Of course it is out of question that FARC requires an internet connection to playing it fully, so the knowledge base / encylopedia will be an offline version of the online one, and the two will be updated in same time by a strict procedure, so there will be no discrepancy between the two.
All the data and texts already present in the in-game encyclopedia will be ported to the knowledge base before the release, so nothing will be lost. The data will not be dynamically displayed but updated manually like the rest of the texts, it is a small trade-off and again requires a certain discipline during the update of the data.

Also the linking between the interface and the encyclopedia will continue to work, the code will change a bit but it is just a question of page redirection in this case.

It changes nothing for the hints and their texts since it is completely separated already.

That's all. I know it is late in regard of my past due release schedule (end of June) but it will be released one day.
Stay tuned.

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