Small Keep Alive Post + FARC Open Source Again

I'm very sorry for the lack of news but I took some time off by early July and the last two weeks I had a health problem (vertigo / lack of balance when standing up). I couldn't do anything really worthwhile.

I recovered since so it is time to resume the development again...

I also finished my stupid behavior, which was to put FARC into closed source after a community of free/open source  gamedev (no name called so I will not say who and which community) ejected this project. It was stupid to put it closed-source because anyway FARC stay under the GPL license and free from air, so keeping the source out of people was meaningless and a waste of time.

So, the source of FAR Colony is again in:
A link has been also added on the top of the posts.

And yes tomorrow I will add a readme and some notices that FARC use proprietary third parties.

That's all, I have work to do now :)

Alpha 10 - iteration #08: Colonization Modes Begone, Last Future Iterations Update, Weather System

"I will not make any post until this mess become a finally finished unicorn and is running. It will take again some time but I will keep you in touch for sure!"
As usual I cannot keep my words... anyway to keep you updated with small posts is fine, instead to say nothing for one month.

The old and deprecated Colonization Modes are now really gone, I implemented the expeditions and backstories yesterday night.
Since, I working in the non-player factions XML database by adding the data of the unique type of Expedition, for the Magellan Unity, and its two types of backstories. The file is growing fast due to the fact that there are more data than before, a normal thing considering that the old objectives were entirely hardcoded.

For now it is impossible to setup a new game, and that as long as I haven't updated the related user's interface with theses new changes. The code stay a bit of a mess but is being cleared time after time.

Also I have an announce for the two last iterations left, I will merge the development of the iteration #9 and #10. The rationale is that the #10 is the full completion of any current part of the game, and the #9 is about the completion of the tech trees, so the goal is about the same.
And since there will be more than one online sub-release (the updater will be available for the release of the current iteration), I can update the whole with no precise order. Anything must be completed, at least at a basic stage.
So to make things simpler, the next iteration will be directly the alpha 10, and will be finally the last for this alpha 10, but not the least since it will be the biggest of the ten iterations...

I will also implement the basics of the weather & geophysics system in this iteration 10, instead to make it for a future version, the why is that is a core system, and should be implemented for the alpha 10. Most of this system is already designed on paper, and needs to be put in the main design document before implementation. Yes, the planets and asteroids will also move on their orbits... incredible isn't it? Eight years to reach such millestone.... OK hahaha

That's all for now, stay tuned.