Small Keep Alive Post + FARC Open Source Again

I'm very sorry for the lack of news but I took some time off by early July and the last two weeks I had a health problem (vertigo / lack of balance when standing up). I couldn't do anything really worthwhile.

I recovered since so it is time to resume the development again...

I also finished my stupid behavior, which was to put FARC into closed source after a community of free/open source  gamedev (no name called so I will not say who and which community) ejected this project. It was stupid to put it closed-source because anyway FARC stay under the GPL license and free from air, so keeping the source out of people was meaningless and a waste of time.

So, the source of FAR Colony is again in:
A link has been also added on the top of the posts.

And yes tomorrow I will add a readme and some notices that FARC use proprietary third parties.

That's all, I have work to do now :)

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