Alpha 10 - iteration #08: Equipment List Revamping, Attitude and Physical Status for Space Units

Since the population setting is now finalized (but not initialized yet) in the data and code, I'm working with the last part of the backstories' data structure; the equipment list.

As a reminder, each backstory provide some background, setup kind of difficulty levels for the independence of the player's colony and faction, setup the population and finally provide a list (at least in the older versions) of equipment.
This equipment encompasses space units and products (resources, materials, equipment and so on) and so varies depending on which backstory is chosen.

I thought initially that this part will only have some refactoring and nothing else, but as usual I was far from the truth.
I had to separate the unique list into two ones; one for the starting space units, and one for the equipment. Since equipment will be dynamically set, according to the population size, I had to dissociate the equipment's location from a fixed point of view.
Anyway before that, the products were added in the game via harcording and not via XML setup.

Also I changed the old space unit's status into two ones; one for Attitude and one for Physical Status.
The attitude, encompass nearly all of the old status, outside of the damage levels, and indicate in an abstracted way the current attitude of a spacecraft, like being in low orbit for example.

Talking about orbit, I also implemented (at least in the data) the three types of orbits that will be in the game in the future; low orbit, geosynchronous orbit and gravitational limit.
I will talk more in detail about it, when I will implement their uses in the game.

The physical status is pretty obvious and indicate, on an abstracted way, the level of damage of a space unit in plain text, like Damaged or Dead Wreck. It also contains the state of the power grid.

So that's all. I'm literally at the step 2 (see here) of the short-term dev plan.
A bit of step 3 is also done since I put the data of the first backstory in the XML file, outside of the starting space units and equipment.

I continue to hope to release this iteration before the end of this year. I will be more active anyway, since the Summer goes to an end.

Thanks for your interest and stay tuned!

NB: If you wonder why all this talk and no GitHub commit (the Horror hehe) it's because I'm actually working on it tonight and will make one or two commits before the bed :)

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