Magellan Unity Population Details, Backstory Population Work-In-Progress

I worked on the design side to details a bit more about the society of the Magellan Unity, especially about how this faction consider the artificial intelligences and anything that touch the biotechnologies and transhumanism.
That was a necessary step to define the composition of the population of this faction and by incidence how it will define the ones of its expedition and related backstories.
This part is done and so I'm able to finally design and implement the data concerning the setup of the population for at least the first backstory (the Seeds of the Unity). the second one will follow.
The design part left to complete how the population will be set concern the categories (like the colonists, technicians and so on...) and I will finally implement the data into the XML file.

The last part of data is about the list of equipment, but the current and "old" one will not change; the data structure will not have any modification since it work OK as it is.

After that I will work on the second backstory, the Knowledge Hoppers, and it will finally done for this part.

You will see that, when this iteration will be released one day, the description of the Magellan Unity faction has undergone several changes including more information.

I haven't made any git commit since most of the work was design related.

Anyway that's all for now, thanks for your interest in this slow crawling project.

NB: edited, as usual I audit my bad English and typos after to have published the post...

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