tiny rant: More Free (dev) Time Ahead

Just a small post to inform you that I stopped playing a MMO recently. I was a player on it for the last 4 years and pass (too much) time on it.
I made some change into my hobbies and redirected my points of interest past weeks, and a MMO doesn't fit anymore in my free time.

Why it is relevant for this project? Because I will redirect a good part of this extra free time to dev FARC.

So yep the thing is uninstalled and anyway the new PC I built, and that I actually configuring and setup, will not have many games and will be for work/dev/3d and so on.

That's it, enough talking.


  1. lol, ..(you get to know all in game/circle), .. & have to take a break 1'nce in a-while! ..(So understood):)

    1. Yeah, it's the thing with hobbyist projects; you need to be a sort of jack of all trades but master of none :)