Alpha 10 - iteration #08: New Game Setup - Interface Overhaul Status

Just a small post to inform that the ovehaul is ongoing.
Many parts of the interface will be reused but the one that in under heavy changes is about the factions of allegiance, expedtions and backstories. The old interface with the Colonization Modes and the drop-down to select a faction is now removed, the whole will be replaced by a selection tree that will display in a hierarchical all the possible starting factions and backstories.

The tabbed panel that existed before, like in the screenshot below, will continue to exists with many modifications. For example the first tab will be about an introductive description that will display the multiple origins (if more than one available) for a selected backstory and also a data excerpt about the selected faction of allegiance. The second tab will be about all technical details, ie; special rules of the backstory and informations on the data for the colonization phase.

The rest of the interface, the cancel and proceed buttons and the flag, will stay the same. The window will be (and already is now) completely fixed for the keyboard and interface focus, as it is for the Orbital Object panel for example.

Here's a screenshot of the old interface to setup a new game:

I don't have one with the changes yet, since I prefer to complete entirely this step before.

That's it for now.

Alpha 10 - iteration #08: Second Backstory on Hold, Resuming of Development (New Game Setup)

I stopped the design of the second backstory, The Knowledge Pillars (title replacing the previous Knowledge Hoppers), for the reason that this one requires objectives about research & development. Since this system isn't implemented on a game level (only data structures and the tech trees until level 4 are for now) and that only a part of the tech trees are also in the game, it would not be relevant to have this one now in the game. For information the basics of the research & development system is planned to be implemented for the last iterations (#9 and #10) of the alpha 10 once the current one is released.

So I just started to finally updating the code for the setup of a new game, including the interface. It also include what's left to do for the Colonization Phase System, especially for the dynamic generation and new process of the objectives.

So in clear the release of this iteration will only have one backstory for now, but that will suffice to show the changes with the setup of a new game and the colonization objectives.

To make short, here's the updated plan until release:
1/ mass modification of the setup of a new game, including the dynamic data set for the expeditions and backstories and the determination of colonization objectives

2/ completion of the changes of the CPS including the process of the objectives over the time, the calculation of the scores and the final (game) day of the colonization phase.

3/ basic completion of the online updater with buttons and display of information about the available update.

I have 3.5 months to make it real, so let's try it!

Thanks for your interest.

Alpha 10 - iteration #08: Seeds of the Unity Done

The data for the backstory Seeds of the Unity are now fully implemented since yesterday.

I will begin the second and last one, the Knowledge Hoppers, tonight after my job.

For reminder, the next step will be about to update the setup of a new game and its interface and also update and complete all the paused changes of the Colonization Phase System.

The final step will be to complete the online updater and this iteration will be done.

Alpha 10 - iteration #08: Starting Equipment (Data Structures) Done

The step 2 (see here) of the short-term dev plan is done; the new data structure of the starting equipment of the backstories is now implemented.

Step 3 (the completion of the implementation of the two Magellan Unity's backstories) has also progressed a bit, and the first backstory is nearly done, I just need to finish to add the equipment.

I will add the second backstory after that and, finally, will work and update the setup of a new game, including the user's interface but also all the dynamic parts to setup the data of a chosen backstory.
Because for now, no code has been implemented to take care of these changes.

Finally my slow progression in this design approach the last step... I just try to design something final that I will not modify again in three years...which is not an easy task.

OK, enough self-flagellation (hehe), thanks for your interest.

tiny OT: PC Switch Done, Resuming of Development; Tonight and /or Tomorrow

I finally made the final switch to the new PC. A lot of cleaning and disassembling / assembling.

Anyway I just to put a final touch and it will be done, so I will resume the development tonight or tomorrow (day off here in Canada). I passed about 2.5 weeks to setup the system and softwares on the new PC when it was on its bench. It was a slow process but it allowed a painless transition.

That's all, no more OT posts and back to normal :)