Alpha 10 - iteration #08: New Game Setup - Interface Overhaul Status

Just a small post to inform that the ovehaul is ongoing.
Many parts of the interface will be reused but the one that in under heavy changes is about the factions of allegiance, expedtions and backstories. The old interface with the Colonization Modes and the drop-down to select a faction is now removed, the whole will be replaced by a selection tree that will display in a hierarchical all the possible starting factions and backstories.

The tabbed panel that existed before, like in the screenshot below, will continue to exists with many modifications. For example the first tab will be about an introductive description that will display the multiple origins (if more than one available) for a selected backstory and also a data excerpt about the selected faction of allegiance. The second tab will be about all technical details, ie; special rules of the backstory and informations on the data for the colonization phase.

The rest of the interface, the cancel and proceed buttons and the flag, will stay the same. The window will be (and already is now) completely fixed for the keyboard and interface focus, as it is for the Orbital Object panel for example.

Here's a screenshot of the old interface to setup a new game:

I don't have one with the changes yet, since I prefer to complete entirely this step before.

That's it for now.

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