Alpha 10 - iteration #08: Starting Equipment (Data Structures) Done

The step 2 (see here) of the short-term dev plan is done; the new data structure of the starting equipment of the backstories is now implemented.

Step 3 (the completion of the implementation of the two Magellan Unity's backstories) has also progressed a bit, and the first backstory is nearly done, I just need to finish to add the equipment.

I will add the second backstory after that and, finally, will work and update the setup of a new game, including the user's interface but also all the dynamic parts to setup the data of a chosen backstory.
Because for now, no code has been implemented to take care of these changes.

Finally my slow progression in this design approach the last step... I just try to design something final that I will not modify again in three years...which is not an easy task.

OK, enough self-flagellation (hehe), thanks for your interest.

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