Alpha 10 - iteration #08: New Game Setup - Faction of Allegiance Interface Done, the Rest in WIP

The interface element to select the faction of allegiance, expedition and backstory is now done and working. It's a very simple tree which has the merit to see the options available.

Of course the options above are... pitiful at best, but it will be populated when I will add new factions and their expeditions / backstories in 2018 with the last phase of fleshing out this alpha 10.

The Proceed and Cancel buttons are also reinstated.

Now I'm working on the faction datapad, which looked like this on the screenshot below:
It will have now five tabs:
  • History: will contain the descriptive texts on the selected backstory and will also contain an excerpt about the selected faction of allegiance.
  • Colonization: will contain the detailed informations about the special rules of the selected backstory and it's CPS data; i.e. the viability thresholds and the line of credit (if any).
  • Population: will contain the data about the settings of the population for the selected backstory including the size classes and the partitioning between each race, ethnic group and category.
  • Equipment: will contain the details of the starting space units and equipment.
  • Game Options: will contain any option linked to a game (ie not application based). It will be empty for the release but will be populated over the time.
Once this part is done I will work on the initialization and process of a new game, according the settings via the interface above, and will also implement all the dynamic generation of the data and the colonization objectives.

The step one, described in this post, will be finally done after all of that.

Well, it's not a very meaty post but at least you know were the development is.

Thanks for your interest and stay tuned.


  1. Hello jeff, Im Happy to see you are still working on your game, keep it up buddy!

    1. Hey Pepe! Long time :)
      Thanks, I try to finally complete it before the end of this year. I'm a bit slow these last three days, even if I worked on the design of the rules for the regions and star system control, but yep it finally goes toward its completion.
      I will continue to work on it for the many years to come, even if I don't do it fulltime.
      Thanks for your support! Keep it up you too and cheers!