Alpha 10 - iteration #08: Synchronous Development; New Game Setup and Generation of CPS Objectives

I wasted again some real life time because I'm looking for a new appartment... excuses excuses... but the interface to setup a new game is ongoing and I finally fixed and completed the rules to generates CPS objectives dynamically, and I coded part of it during my breaks at my work.
The rules were already done but I failed in the logic of some steps, I was probably tired the day I did the mistakes...for sure!

That mean when the interface work is done, the generation of CPS objectives will be done too.
Since it was a fork of the code I will have just to merge it into the root tree and complete procedures and functions names.

I don't do GitHub commits for now because I want to complete the rework of the interface first.
I will commit the whole once done, and commit the merged code of the objectives too.

CPS: Colonization Phase System 

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