Alpha 10 - iteration #08: New Game Setup UI + CPS Progress

The History tab (which contains informations about the selected faction of allegiance, expedition and backstory) is done and the Colonization tab is in progress.
The Colonization tab, in the interface to setup a new game, contains every basic informations for the settings of the CPS, related to the selected backstory: with the viablity threshold score to reach, for the three faction's status, the granted line of credit (if any), and the backstory's special rules (if any)
Most of the code is a copy/paste from the previous version of the interface, excepted for some refactorings, the display of the special rules, and heavy modifications in functions calling due to the changes of the CPS code (see below).

In the same time I finally started to rewrite the code of the CPS, outside of the generation of its objectives since it is already done, in a clearer and less messy manner.
I decided to start again from the beginning, including only pertinent old code from the previous version and rewrite many parts of it.
The rationale is that since the CPS objectives have been undergoing major changes, it is better to do it again than trying to patch the code here in here. Of course if parts of the previous version of the code is mostly compatible, I reintegrate it.
Some functions are also  out of place and needs to be cleaned up, a few are already.

So for TL;DR the ongoing coding of the interface to setup a new game occurs in the same time as for the CPS, since the two are linked together.

That's all for this post. I will make a new one when the interface will be completed and I will include some screenshots of it.

CPS: Colonization Phase System 

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