Happy New Year and Dev Status

First I wish you happy new year, to any of you, and hope for the best for 2018 in your goals and challenges.

As you can see, FARC hasn't been released on January first and I'm back on dev only since today, but the speculative release date doesn't change and stay for this month.

I finally completed the code for the resources, used by an objective. If you don't remember what it is about you can take a look at the post below dated November 20 (a long time ago I know).

I  also made progress in the generation of the objectives and I continue to implement the code.

I know, it is like 2 month that I talking about it, but certain events outside of this project have hijacked fairly well the development of the game. But it is past now and 2018 is already here.

The next post will be made when the generation of the objectives will be, finally, complete.

Thanks for your interest and excuse me for the lack of news.

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