Alpha 10 - iteration #08: Dynamic Starting Locations Done - CPS Initialization and Ovehaul

The work on the selection of a starting location, including the special rules of backstories, is fully done.

I also re-enabled the initialization of the universe that do the following:
  1. it loads the data of the orbital objects by default for all the star systems of the game. (maybe it will change in the future).
  2. ti set dynamically the quality of the resource spots of each region of each loaded orbital object.
  3. it initializes the revolution period and seasons of the orbital objects.
There wasn't much new thing to do in this part, outside of some refactorings, so the work mostly was to re-enable the lines of code.

Since yesterday then, I work again on the colonization Phase System and I re-enable the initialization of the system, at the start of a new game, finally link the generation of the objectives to it (the generation part is already done a while ago) and I work on the overhaul of the CPS itself.
After all, it was the main focus of this iteration hehe.

Once done, the next steps are to re-enable the settings of the Time Flow System (which manages the real/turn-based hybrid system) and to initialize the factions' entities of the game. This last part will be a big one in term of work since it will include the content of the new expeditions and backstories, and also will include the dynamic generation of the population and starting equipment.

In the end the second part of initialization of the user's interface will be re-enabled, and the whole work on the setup of a new game will be fully completed.

Better late than never.

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