Alpha 10 - iteration #08: New Game Setup Interface Nearly Done + Screenshots

I'm finally not far to complete the interface, to setup a new game; the last tab, Equipment, is nearly done.
It seems long for just a not pretty UI, but it also involving a good portion of code that touches the CPS, the space units, and the data structures for the factions of allegiance and the entities of the game.

I decided to make some screenshots to show the progress so far.
This one is displayed by default. It is color coded to inform the player how to use the interface to display the informations about the faction of allegiance, the selected expedtion and the backstory:

Once a backstory is selected, the History tab display the excerpts accordingly:
Here's, the Colonization tab display the Colonization Phase parameters of the selected backstory:
The Population tab display the parameters that will setup the population of the expedition:
Finally the Equipment tab, which is yet incomplete, that display the full list of starting space units and equipment available to the expedition:
In the screenshot above, only the list of the starting space units is fully displayed for the Magellan Unity. I have to make and complete code to display the starting equipment, in a same manner.

I'll try to complete the interface tomorrow night; there are a bit less of data to display for the equipment, so it should be faster to code.

Once done, I will continue to re-enable and update the code to commit and process a new game, including the ones to continue a previously saved game and also to load a game file.

Thanks for your interest!

CPS: Colonization Phase System 


  1. Hej good to hear there is a new iteration. Will have a look when i find the time

    1. Thank you Eldoran!
      It's not released yet, and late as usual since I said January...
      But yes I push myself as I can to deliver finally a release in the near future.