Dev Update: Generation of Starting Equipment DONE + Framework for Space Units Fleets (with some Details)

  • Entities:
    • [New: DONE] addition of a data structure that contains group of space units. It will by the standard unit that will compose the future fleets in the game.
  • New Game Setup:
    • >[WIP=> DONE] the starting equipment is generated, based on the size in population of the expedition.
    • [WIP=> DONE] each starting equipment is transfered in the cargo of the available space units, according to the rules.
  • Space Units (in-game):
    • [New:DONE] addition of functions to load the cargo of one spacecraft or a group of space units.
Finally the generation of the starting equipment is fully done.
A skeleton of data structure for the fleets have been implemented, it was necessary to be in accordance with the functions to load the cargo of space units.

In clear, there will be fleets in FARC, as for any space strategy game around, with specific functions that will define the overall organization (with organization slots) of them and will modelize the range of possible missions / strategies and tactics available.

The following is a work-in-progress, since it is a future feature, so take it is subject to changes.

The two basic types of fleet will be Task Group and Task Force.

The Task Group is a functional civilian fleet composed of 3 organization slots:
  • Manager & Coordinator Group (the core command)
  • Workers Group (the core working process, like haulers for example) 
  • Assistants Group (any spacecraft that doesn't fit as Workers but can act in assistance for them, like for a Fleet Logistic/Replenishment spacecraft for example).
The Task Force is a militarized fleet (yes there will be blood, tears and wars too in FARC) composed of 6 organization slots:
  • Core Command Group (part of the C3i group; Command and Control. The rest is assumed by another group)
  • Main Strike Group (the main combat group)
  • Escort Group (any defense spacecraft, acting only in reaction against any agression)
  • Orbital Assault Group (any spacecraft specialized into orbital planetary strike)
  • Battlefield Area Specialists Group (Electronic Warfare, Recon and other specializations not fitting in any other group. It includes the rest of C3i: Communication and Intelligence)
  • Support and Logistic Group (Replenishment, Rearming, Repairing)
See the groups like "mini-fleets" inside a fleet. Yes, convoluted things are so crunchy on the morning hehe.

That's all, a lot of work ahead as usual.
Now I continue to re-enable the rest of the process of a new game, which should be faster since it isn't linked to the backstories, so it is mainly to uncomment the code and verify it.
It includes the initialization of the Socio-Political Matrix, of the common core for the research & development, the Colonization Phase System, and finally the user's interface.

Thanks for your interest!

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