Dev Update: Small Fix + Space Unit's Cargo Done + One Screenshot of Some Generated Data

  • Game Saving/Loading:
    • [New: DONE] fix a bug that prevented to save the 11 development levels of the stored products for the colonies.
  • Space Units (in-game):
    • [WIP=> DONE] add a very basic sub-data structure to indicate the cargo of a space unit with its detailed list of items.
I working actually to implement the rules to spread the starting products through the cargos of all available space units of a specified design. Each starting equipment has a data "hauledByClass" to specify which design of spacecraft will haul which equipment.

For now, and since the designs aren't implemented yet, there is no test to avoid a cargo to be overcapacited. But that will be taken into the account in the future.

Normally I should finish to implement the generation of starting equipment tomorrow (or today since it's 1:20AM yet...) during the night (EST time), and I will continue to re-enable the initialization of the the player and non-player's factions.

As a small bonus, here's a screenshot of the debug output console of the game to show you a small part of the data that are generated:

As specified in a previous post, the starting population will vary according to a certain range set by the faction of allegiance, expedition and backstory, the player will chose of.

In this example the future player's colony would start with 481 entities (mostly humans and few artificial intelligences) and 34 space units. The number of space units, as for the starting equipment, stay proportional to the size of the population at the start of a game.

Following the population you can see the naming of all these spacecrafts, using the dynamic generation according to the parameters of the faction's language, which is in the case of Magellan Unity a mix of English, German and a little bit of Italian, Spanish, and Eastern European languages.

The "_spaceUnits[Count3 + Count2]" entries are all docked space units, and in this case they are all FCP-80s which are the big and robust landers that will carry the entire population of the player's colony. They will serve as colonization shelters once landed and converted as basic infrastructures.

The space units, starting from the spacecraft's name "Eon Polaris" are all haulers (of Aspen 2 design) those will carry the entire equipment of the colony, and there are nine of them.

The lines after these haulers are the debug messages during the generation of the starting equipments.

That's all, back to dev tomorrow after... well... the day job.

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