Dev Update: Generation of CPS Objectives Fully Fixed (Status Addon from Previous Post)

  • Colonization Phase System (CPS):
    • [WIP=> DONE] creation of a new in-game CPS Objective data structure that replace totally the old TFCRcpsdViabilityObjective.
  • Factions / Expeditions & Backstories / Special Rules:
    • [WIP=> DONE] Automatic CPS Objectives.
    • [WIP=> DONE] Automatic Rejection of CPS Objectives.

The next step is to implement specific rules and calculations to initialize any custom data an objective may have, and also to update the score of each of them.

Back to work... my real and daily one :)

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  1. There is also a pretty memory leak in the OpenGL, like *2 of ram used between 2 new games without closing FARC. Not that it is very critical since it is when I setup new games over new game and so on (and nothing to do with the game data, all is clean on this side). So I trying to pinpoint where the problem is and put a flag in the code.
    When I will modify the code with the final orbits / display of space units, I will cleanup the whole.