Dev Update: New Game Setup DONE + Colonization Phase System + Bugfixes for OpenGL UI

  • Factions / Expeditions & Backstories:
    • [WIP=> DONE] the data from each backstory/ex-colonization modes (line of credit (already the case), population settings, basic list of common core of technologies) can now be set dynamically with pre-defined ranges of values.
      The equipment given to the expedition will be able to vary in volume, but not in nature, proportionally to the total population.
      Thus it allows to have some variations at each new game even if the same faction of allegiance and backstory is chosen.
  • Research & Development System / Common Core:
    • [WIP=> DONE] The special rules Automatic Technosciences / Fundamental Researches and Automatic Rejection of Technosciences / Fundamental Researches, are processed for the common core of the player's faction.
  • Space Units (in-game):
    • [New: DONE] add an independent data structure that represent a group of space units, which is the smallest type of formation that a fleet can contain. For now it is used to load the starting equipment that is generated.
Finally tonight I seen back the main interface of the game. It has been a long time...
All is running OK, excepted for some bugs with the OpenGL user's interface, since the data for the names of the space units has been modified. It isn't much and will be fixed tomorrow night... or today night since it is already 01:20.

Now I will focus my work on the Colonization Phase System, which implies the full calculations for the objectives in the game, the rework of the interface to display the objectives, and the end of the phase itself.

That's all.

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