Dev Update + Screenshots: Fixes for Missions + Changes to Space Units + Tasks Rework To Include the Last Changes

  • Interface -  General:
    • [WIP => DONE] a more clearer font, for the main texts, now replace the previous one. Many text adjustments were necessary to make it right. Most of the other fonts (including those for the OpenGL components) have been changed too.
  • Missions:
    • [New: DONE] suppression of a useless data structure, used partly for calculations of a mission, that mixed with another data structure used to setup the future task for the Task Subsystem.
  • Missions / Colonization:
    • [New: WIP] the setup of the mission is fully fixed. There were problems with trip time calculations due to boggus deltaV given to docked space units.
  • Missions / Landing:
    • [New: WIP] fixed: the calculations were bogus due to the fact that the procedure didn't taken into account of docked space units (when they are used) and mixed data between the mother vessel and its docked ones. 
  • Missions / Interplanetary Transit:
    • [New: DONE] the mission is fully disabled and will be under a full review before to be re-enabled in the future. 
  • Space Units (in-game):
    • [New: WIP] dock/docking is replace by bette terms of carry/carrying. That really specify space units carried INSIDE another one. There will be a docking ability, but nothing to do with it.
    • [New: DONE] releasing a carried spacecraft: fix; set default attitude / deltaV and 3D velocity, to the released ship, which are equals to the mothership's data.
    • [New: DONE] removing of a spacecraft from the database; fix the code for docked SPUs.
  • Time Flow System / Task Subsystem:
    • [New: DONE] some changes and cleaning of the data structures for the tasks.
When you work onto intricate systems, and add/change something to them, it can breaks processes and logic. It is what it happened for the Colonization mission, but it is nearly fully fixed now. I just hoped to finish today before the move but anyway.

I modify also the tasks with better code (I think the Tasks Subsystem is way back 2012 or something...) and especially to take into account the changes in the setup of a new game...inducing changes into the colonization mission, and also for the expansion of some data for in-game space units, like attitude for example.

For reminder, the Tasks Subsystem is linked to the Time Flow System (which manage the flow of time and the triggering of the systems of the game), and it manage the tasks which are created by the setup of new missions for the space units and also by the planetary survey.
In clear it process, phase by phase, missions and survey automatically until the end. It will be expanded in the future (so much things in the future hehe) with more options but for now it works.
The system itself is working since a certain time, but all the changes made for this version broke it a "little bit" and so it is in need of being updated.
Always an update, always...

Space units are more and more updated themselves since we approach, little by little (for real!), of the full blown implementation of their internal structures/hulls and design.

On a secondary note; nearly all the fonts of FARC were replaced by new ones, and some of them are more readable than the previous ones. All of them are SIL / OFL licenses.

Yes, it needs work and adjustments for the sizes and text location...and yes the icons in the Orbital Object panel shouldn't be displayed... I know... I know hehe.

That's all, time to physically move on and... going back after March 3rd!

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