General Post: Current Status and near Terms Plans (CPS w/ Release) + Orbits + Weather System + Multithreading

I'm near to finish the work of the setup of a new game, and tonight after my day of work it should be done.
After this, I will focus only to complete the rework of the Colonization Phase System, by adding the calculations for the objectives and updating its interface.
Once done, the last part will be the secondary bits; mainly to finalize the new encyclopedia by interfacing the web Knowledge Base to the game, and to finalize the online updater.
I also completed the next two steps of the last iteration of this alpha 10, once I release the current iteration;
  1. implementation of the final orbits system (with low / geostationary and gravity limit orbits) and removing the 3D space units including the current method to browse them.
    I will integrate something more useful with list of icons representing the space units present on each orbit. And the orbits will have four or six locations around each planet and asteroid.
    I will talk about that in a more detailed post when I will implement it.
  2. implementation of the Weather & Geophysics System
    This system, as its name indicates it, will manage the change/progression of weather of each planet (the ones with an atmosphere obviously) over the time.
    The orbital objects will also finally move on their orbit, through this sytem.
    Finally it will also manages Regional Weather Effects that can be triggered, according to certains probabilities modified by the data of each orbital object.
    RWE are things like hurricanes, sandstorms, electromagnetic storms and so on, for the weather effects. For the geophysical effects it's more things like earthquakes, magnetic field shift or volcanic eruption.
    Surely a lot of fun ahead hehe.
It is to note that these two parts will use, for the first time in FAR Colony development, parallel code, so in clear; multithreading tasks and loops for their processes.
Progressively I will also add, later, some parallel code to already existing parts of the code and game systems.

That is all, thanks for your interest.

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