Dev Update: Objectives + Reserves and Population Races / Ethnic Groups Linked to it

  • Colony Simulation Model / Reserves:
    • [New: WIP] when a new colony is created, the initialization of reserves take now into account of the current composition of the population at the time.
  • Colony Simulation Model / Storage:
    • [New: DONE] each time that a reserve is updated (and used), the CSM calls the CPS to see if the reserve is used by a current CPS objective. 
  • Colonization Phase System (CPS) / Objectives:
    • [WIP => DONE] Provide A#Resource for #Period (PROVIRSRC): special initialization of the objective with its rules, calculations and specific data.
  • Population:
    • [New: WIP] add the rules considering how the reserves are used in a colony, according to which races and ethnic groups are present in it.
    • [New: WIP] each time the population of a colony is modified, the use of reserves is checked, since it can changes other the time.
As usual, the side-coding takes more time than the implementation of objectives themselves.To make systems and rules linked each other with one or multiples incidence can be seen as fine for a niche game like FARC but, on the dev side when a change occurs its repercussion must be checked and reported anywhere where it is relevant. If it is not done, the fact itself of trying to create a pseudo-simulation of game would be caducous.

Anyway, the implementation of multiracial / ethnic groups is pushed further since now the uses of reserves or not and their effect on consumption also depends on the composition of the population of a colony at a time T. It wasn't taken into account yet.

To take an extreme example; if a colony has only Artificial Intelligences as its population, any of the three reserves (food, oxygen and water) will not be used.
In the case of a mixed population, like a mix of baseline humans, non-sentient AIs, homo-provectus (a posthumans ethnic group), the use of the three reserves would be in force but the daily consumption would be calculated in proportion of the size each racial/ethnic group in this kind of population.

And since I working again on the CPS objectives, the use or not of these reserve can be important if a CPS objective use at least one of them to calculate its score (as it is the case already in the game).

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