Dev Update: Tasks Subsystem Fully Updated + Bugfixes + Finalization of Design for Space Units' Internal Structures

  • Missions / Colonization:
    • [WIP => DONE] the setup of the mission is fully fixed. There were problems with trip time calculations due to boggus deltaV given to docked space units.
  • Missions / Landing:
    • [WIP => DONE] fixed: the calculations were bogus due to the fact that the procedure didn't taken into account of docked space units (when they are used) and mixed data between the mother vessel and its docked ones. 
  • Space Units (in-game):
    • [WIP => DONE] dock/docking is replace by better terms of carry/carrying. That really specify space units carried INSIDE another one. There will be a docking ability, but nothing to do with it.
  • Time Flow System / Task Subsystem:
    • [DONE] complete application of modifications in the data structures of the tasks, according to the updates to mission and space units. Include a cleanup of the data structures themselves.
    • [DONE] fix: prevent a division by zero, in FCMgTS_TaskToProcess_TransfertToInProcess->Colonization Mission, during the calculation of acceleration by tick.
  • Time Flow System:
    • [NOT DEV] buttons are added to allow the player to end a turn directly by one tick (the standard turn), one hour, one standard day, one week and one month.
    • [NOT DEV] a basic framework for events buttons is now implemented. It can now "popup" special end turns button linked to special events that can occur over a game.
    • [NOT DEV] addition of the "end of next colonization mission" event button to end the turns until the next colonization mission is finished to be processed.
Working on the tasks subsystems were more work than seen, but it is done now and fully working.
The colonization mission is fully working again too.

Now I can finally put my entire focus to complete the implementation of data and score calculations, for all the existing objectives in the game. I already started it with "Provide A#Resource for #Period (PROVIRSRC)", and since it is the most complicated to develop, it will be completed first. the rest will follow.

Also, since FARC is now fully turn-based, I will add buttons to end turns of specific length, but also I will add a basic framework for future implementation of events end-of-turn buttons. Please read the todolist above for a (little bit) more informations about it.

I also finalized the design of the internal structures of the space units, because yes, one day the design of spacecrafts (stations, Bernal spheres and so on) will be implemented in the game.
Without telling much, since it will not be implemented before the basics of FARC are done, each space unit is based on an internal structure giving base data, like the overall shape (streamlined delta, cylindrical and so on), the architecture (basic function the framework tend to, like Deep Space Vessel or Stabilized Space Infrastructure), the dimensions of the spacecraft, the available volume and surface, and the maximum hull frame strength.

The overall shape defines how the available surface and volume are calculated and also define the hull sections, that will be used for hit location during a combat and also to locate the equipment modules.

The architecture of an internal structure define to which general optimized use a future spacecraft is destined to. There can be some variations from it, but the main vector is fixed.

They really shape the future spacecraft in the way that each equipment module is allowed to be installed into specific types of architectures.
This is used to keep a certain coherence between the shape and structural design of a space unit, and its realistic use on the field.

Outside of that I also started to finalize the space units' design too, especially one of its 6 keys elements: the hull.

This part will contain the set frame strength, the structural volume and mass, the structural points (sort of hit points), the acceleration limit and the final available volume.

It will have also a per-section data serie with: available volume and surface, structural points of the section and a damage chart.

I think I will stop the details here hehe, but the whole part I described is also fully final in the doc (and ready to be implemented... one day)

After this WOT, I thank you for your interest and... back to work.

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